About Me

I am a father, a husband, a business owner, a dreamer, a thinker and an admirer of beautiful things. Preferring the path less taken, I often find myself doing things the hard way and learning as I go, which suits me fine as I would go banana’s if each day was the same and I couldn’t be challenged. I despise routine, but have learned it’s value in achieving great things and have therefore taken to structured morning routines and a well scheduled life.

I’m inspired by the city, pictures, people mostly. My favourite place to sit and think is in the seal tank underground viewing room at Melbourne Zoo. There’s no phone reception, and the most magical, majestic animals doing mesmerising laps in their blue playground makes for wonderful clarity.

I read, run, ride, help, journal, meditate, design and I’m working on my writing. The truth is: I’m always working, whether it be on myself, my businesses, my relationships on in my workshop! I have an active mind and a personality that really just has to stay busy. I’m not very good at resting or slowing down. And as a great friend of mine once noted, I am easily distracted by shiny new things!

I also love to argue. Not because I get a kick out of disagreeing w people or want to push my way on to someone, but because it broadens my view of the world. I don’t want to ‘win’ the argument, I just want to ‘have’ the discussion.

It has taken me a number of years to find my purpose, as they say. After much deliberation, I’ve arrived at the simple fact that helping others is my mission. It stems back to years ago, when putting smiles on other faces was all I needed to be happy. A round of beers for my mates was worth it if it made for a rad evening. I discovered that ‘helping others’ doesn’t just mean building schools in Nepal or donating to World Vision. As nobel as those things are, they don’t resonate with me. Instead, my aim now is to be an enabler. If I can help someone get closer to their dreams, by one mean or another, then I’ll be happy. Being a mentor to a new small business might be one way or by offering a hand to setup a website for a new freelancer, or just helping a friend work on his new home. These are the things that matter to me.

Success has no accurate description, and I believe it is of paramount importance that one understands the importance of defining one’s version of success. Sure, make some comparisons whilst you figure it out, but once you’re done, write it down. Then live it.

I’m Jase and I hope you can take some value from my site.